Welcome to Alpol

As a fund that brings together a diverse group of family office investors, Alpol is committed to delivering exceptional investment management and services to our valued investors. Rooted in family values and guided by a philosophy of long-term investment, we are dedicated to providing support for the sustainable development of family enterprises.

Our Investment Fields

  • Internet

  • Fintech

  • Intelligent technology

About Us

Our investors come from family offices established by founders of listed companies or high-tech companies, bringing with them extensive experience and successful entrepreneurial backgrounds. Through Alpol, they pool their wisdom and resources to pursue exceptional investment opportunities together.

Our Strengths


Our investors come from family offices established by founders of listed companies or enterprises specializing in cutting-edge technologies, spanning various industries, and boasting rich investment experience and successful entrepreneurial backgrounds. This diversity enables us to approach opportunities and challenges from unique industry-insider perspectives, providing investors with a diverse range of investment opportunities.

Our Strengths


In the cutting-edge industries of Fintech, artificial intelligence, healthcare, new energy, we possess extensive investment experience. We stay closely attuned to the trends and prospects of these industries, enabling us to seize opportunities for innovation and growth. Our in-depth understanding allows us to bring long-term value to investors in these forward-looking sectors.

Our Strengths


Our management team is composed of outstanding talents from various professional domains, bringing with them extensive experience in private fund operations, family asset investments, and the management of startup projects. With years of rich expertise, they possess deep industry knowledge and have cultivated extensive networks, enabling them to offer investors professional investment advice and comprehensive asset management services.

Capitalizing on these aforementioned strengths, we are committed to creating long-term value and stable returns for our investors. Recognizing that investing is a complex and risky endeavor, we prioritize rigorous due diligence and implement risk management measures to provide reliable investment solutions and safeguards.

Our goal is to establish enduring partnerships with investors, achieving investment success and the family wealth generation together hand-in-hand.